Member feedback about Waterloo Road series 5: Meanwhile Kyle and Tariq's actions towards Finn make him turn to an unlikely source to get back at Tariq. Trudi may not care what the outside world thought of her, but she knew Tariq did. Naveed Choudhry - IMDb As Tariq in Waterloo Road, Naveed Choudhry led the teachers a merry dance. BBC One - Waterloo Road, Series 7, Episode 11 Chalky has more luck in love when Linda, jealous of Michael and Sian, agrees to go on a date with him. Tariq joins Waterloo Road in the sixth form. I've never done it before and love the challenge of trying to teach, keep the kids in control and all the rest of it . Naveed Choudhry, better know as cheeky schoolboy Tariq Siddiqui, is set to return to the school drama on October 17th (8pm, BBC1) for one episode. Tariq joins Waterloo Road in the sixth form. Liberty was Havelock's head girl, but she later transfered to Waterloo Road where she formed a relationship with Tariq. Began engaged to a fellow English teacher but fell for her best friend, complicating matters. When Trudi starts at Waterloo Road, she is mindful not to be tarred by her brother's reputation as she gets her feet firmly under her desk. Tariq has always been a handful for his parents who themselves embraced UK life. who do you think are the best and worst actors on Waterloo Road in all the seven series. School-based drama. Jodie notices and decides to make the most of it, starting with the schools new bad boy, Barry Barry. 86 have watched this episode s08e03 / Series 8, Episode 3 One death has been confirmed Liberty was a sensible girl and was close friends with Imogen Stewart . 07/09/12 - 00:12 #286. She soon makes friends but one named Josh is different he has Schizophrenia. Falling for the illness (a josh Stevenson love story) April 16, 2012 Rhianna. A list of significant characters across Waterloo Road's seven season (so far) run. She's willing to fight prejudices and stereotyping so she can live happily as a young . Pale And Interesting Connor was still struggling with his mother, vodka-swilling Jane Beale. What had great potential in the Tariq storyline was utterly ruined by slap dash storyline complete with wood block stand in Tom. Alice Wark is the twin sister of Gabriella Wark. The Office: Over 100 Episodes 6. Fanon Discontinuity: Ask any hardcore Rachel/Eddie 'shipper. Shortly . Best. When Kyle returned to Waterloo Road after being in prison he instantly befriended Rhiannon Salt, forgetting about the girl he always had a soft spot for, Jodie. Also this week, Josh tries to convince Tariq life is worth living, but Tariq isn't interested and Sian receives an unexpected visitor at the gates of Waterloo Road. She appeared in the very first episode, in a non-speaking uncredited appearance. He is rescued by Michael, who gives him self-worth, and he returns to Waterloo Road to stop the fight. House, Park, Road or Street Movies 4. The wait was finally over for Waterloo Road fans last night (August 23) as they had their first glimpse at the show's much-debated relaunch. Joining him are: Sian, Tom, Grantly, Maggie, Chalky, Scout, Phoenix, Denzil, Harley and Tariq and Josh. Staff Introduced in series 1. Naveed Choudhry has reprised the role of Tariq for one episode, which will air on October 17. Subscribe and to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer about thi. Ensemble Darkhorse: Ruby Fry, Grantly Budgen and the uncredited blonde extra teacher who never gets named on-screen. Tariq had been settling down fairly nicely in Waterloo Road, give or take the odd bout of threatening behaviour, but this week he got dragged back into the world of gangland crime by one Mason Price, a school pupil who looked older than many of the teachers and who seemed to have styled his fringe with a mascara wand. Lula bumps into Tariq in the theatre props room. Season: OR . The other character to last the entire run. She appeared when her husband's gambling problem became evident as Grantly was trying to keep her upstairs as all the downstairs furniture had been sold to either fund Grantly's habit or pay the debts caused by it . An English teacher who is one of two characters still present who was there from the beginning. He was much like their father in that aspect. When Tariq Siddiqui arrives at Waterloo Road he is on his final warning. Main characters Final cast. Accessibility links . Phoebe Dynevor (Siobhan) Richie Jeeves (Luke) I rememeber Siobhan and Luke. (Tariq Siddiqui love story) October 11, 2012 Balloons in The Summer Breeze . It was Pearson who spoke the final, original . Trudi was much like their . Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Tariq (Series 8, Ep.3) I'm getting used to the weird new setting, with its Scottish accents, Toblerone-shaped school and bizarre boarding house. If you grew up in the UK between 2006-2015 the chances are that you would have heard of a TV show called Waterloo Road. The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the Eponymous school, a failing inner-city comprehensive school. Liberty was portrayed by Adiza Shardow. Waterloo Road fans will see Tariq Siddiqui make a return later this month. Shortly . She's refusing any kind of help and advice from anyone, including her colleague the pointy-faced lady, who . The new headmaster of Waterloo Road, a failing comprehensive in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has to turn the school around when it faces closure.Or at least that's how things were in the first season. Waterloo RoadPast Pupils Yearbook. In 2007, a 12-part second series was broadcast from January to April. Tariq - Waterloo Road Here we have 2 clips but of the same character. - Waterloo Road will make a return to screens this September with the beginning of a 50 episode series, starting in September and ending in 2014. Waterloo Road fans will see Tariq Siddiqui make a return later this month. In the Waterloo Road Reunited crew, Bolton remains part of the most popular clique of the school's . 133 episodes have so far been aired (as of 6 September 2012). Although smart, he's mouthy . William Rush (Josh) Jack McMullen (Finn) Worst. Tariq proved his worth helping to end the gang wars but he showed his greatest strength at the beginning of series 8 as Waterloo Road 's first paraplegic and it's battle of the sports with Tariq's kayaking against Smilie's boxing. After discovering that brothers . The show quickly developed a large revolving cast and uses the school setting to explore many different storylines and characters. Watch popular content from the following creators: Waterloo road(@waterlooroad.edits), ジェイミー(@oxygen_junkie), ジェイミー(@oxygen_junkie), Quon(@quonboy231), Quon(@quonboy231) . Anvilicious: The reason for the show's existence! As Finn empties Sam's locker Lauren and Amy help him to appreciate the sentimental value of the little things that are left behind. The Everyman. Findlay is discredited as he was aware . As Tariq's friends back at school panic after discovering what he has planned, Michael Byrne and Tom Clarkson rush into action in a bid to stop him before it's too late. What if a certain Ginger lad caught the eye of the imfamous Twin sister of Gabriella Wark. Ah, I wanted to cheer Mrs McFall in this! Fleur Budgen is the bed-ridden, overweight wife of Grantly Budgen. A year to the day since . 0 [Deleted User] Posts: 11. He is the eldest child of immigrant parents. They already did that story line. waterloo road, series 6, screencaps, janeece bryant, grantly budgen, chelsee healey, philip martin brown, 9 years ago on Sep 6, 12 - 122 notes. Fanfiction Romance Waterloo Road. First she questions him about his accident, before rudely stating that his disability is actually a punishme. Alice is shy kind and extremely Beautiful and compassionate and not to mention smart. . I go to waterloo road Dad - Tom Clarkson Brother - Tom Stevenson Friends - Lauren Andrews , Amy porter , Sambuca Kelly , Finn Sharkey , Ronan Burley , Vicki Macdonald Hates - Kyle Stack , Tariq Siddiqui Boyfriend - Finn Sharkey Birthday - 30th June Age - 15 Fave Colour - blue Singers - Cheryl Cole , Austin Mahone , Justin Bieber Download Season 7 English Srt Subtitles. As the new Waterloo Road opens its doors in Scotland for the first time, the staff and students from Rochdale are still reeling from the accident that killed Denzil Kelly and left Tariq in a wheelchair. The final ensemble, present during the final episode of Waterloo Road, first broadcast on 9 March 2015, was headlined by Melanie Hill, rounding out her fourth year as Maggie Bugden.Other cast members included Laurie Brett, as English teacher, Christine Mulgrew, and Neil Pearson as dynamic headmaster Vaughan Fitzgerald. While toying with Harry's pistol, she unloads it but replaces the empty magazine. As Waterloo Road moves the school up to Scotland, disaster strikes, as a rogue truck swerves into the staff and students as they pose for a photo. This is the moment that Waterloo Road's Tariq Siddiqui (Naveed Choudhry) heads out kayaking with the intention of drowning himself. This has h. BBC One - Waterloo Road, Series 7, Episode 13. She's her father's golden girl, who can do no wrong, but is perhaps burdened with her father's elevated expectations to make up for his failings with Tariq. - The new series opens with a memorial for the death or deaths following on from tonights deadly cliffhanger. Waterloo Rd star Naveed: 'I was bullied at school' By Patrick McLennan published 16 February 12 He plays Waterloo Road 's bully Tariq, but actor Naveed Choudhry admits he was on the receiving end of bullies at school. , from oohwaterlooroad. Hollywood's 100 Favorite Quotes 8.

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